Guest Request Manager

What if your operator could log a guest request in a mere 3 clicks? Instant SMS alerts to the housekeeper in-charge of the room, item delivery tracking, reminder SMS and daily statistics. No more follow-up calls and manual paperwork, but all the insight you need.

Paired with a dedicated mobile app and many new features, the Guest Request Manager allows for efficient guest request communication from anywhere in the hotel.

  • 300+ Requests – Add your own or choose from 300 different work and guest requests for immediate follow-up
  • Individual Follow-Up & Grace Periods – remain flexible on how fast things need to happen by setting your own follow-up times
  • Escalation – Set a grace period for each request until the Supervisor / Manager gets alerted automatically
  • Send Later – Schedule guest requests in advance by utilizing the Send Later option and get deliveries / tasks done on time
  • Scorecard Summary – learn your guest’s top requests; delivery time; caller frequency; rush hours; and more all in one place;