5 Reasons to invest in Hotel Operations Technology

Delivering superior hospitality is a complex affair. From housekeeping to the front desk, your whole team needs to come together to provide the level of service that guests demand.

In the wake of COVID-19, most hotels are working with smaller teams and tighter budgets. Many hotel managers are struggling to keep providing personalised guest experiences on drastically reduced budgets. That’s where a hotel operations platform like BPN Maestro comes in. Regardless of your hotel’s size or the number of guests, BPN Maestro will help you do more with less.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should invest in hotel operations technology:

1 – Deliver personalised guest experiences

From the moment they make their reservation, your guests expect a great experience. To meet these demands, your frontline staff need to be focused entirely on hospitality.

Your team’s day shouldn’t be full of ‘busy’ work: sending confirmation emails, welcome messages, and guest surveys. With hotel operations software, you can streamline those repetitive tasks, leaving your front desk staff free to focus on their real job: making sure your guests get a warm, personalised welcome.

Are two of your guests on their honeymoon? Your staff will have time to find out and deliver a celebratory bottle of champagne.

Has one of your guests arrived early? There’s no need to bother housekeeping for a status update. Your front desk has that information available with a click of the mouse.

Operations software ensures your staff can dedicate their time and energy to providing the excellent service your guests expect. If you’re hoping to deliver personalised guest experiences, it’s absolutely critical.

2 – Boost customer loyalty while cutting costs

Hotel operations software creates efficiencies that go straight to your bottom line. Streamlined communication systems make sure information gets to the right place without delay and, with mobile capabilities, no employee will be standing around waiting for updates. Detailed reporting options allow you to pinpoint operational problems and inefficiencies in real time.

It’s no secret that the cost of attracting new customers far outweighs the cost of keeping your existing customers happy. Your guests expect excellent customer service from their hotel. If they don’t receive it, they won’t come back.

Operations software makes it easy to keep standards high, ensuring loyal customers stay loyal and refer their friends! With lower costs and superior hospitality, your hotel will be on its way to a tidy profit.

3 – Leverage data for continuous improvement

Every good manager knows that you can only manage what you measure. Hotel software provides a suite of measurement tools covering all aspects of your hotel’s activities. Every detail of your daily operations is recorded and reported, enabling you to:

  • Improve your planning: Identify micro- and macro-trends to inform your staffing arrangements. Did holidaymakers return to your hotel before business travellers last year? Adjust your staffing approach to match.
  • Optimise your processes:It shouldn’t take four staff members to handle a guest’s request for a towel, regardless of who accepts the initial request. If too many people are ‘touching’ a certain activity, it may be time to optimise the process.
  • Reward your best performers: Identify staff members that demonstrate exceptional performance. Acknowledge their great work, give them a raise, or put them in charge!
  • Deliver targeted training: Are your concierges promoting services within your hotel or just booking external experiences? It could be time to refresh your team’s knowledge about hotel amenities and restaurants.

4 – Do more, with less 

2020 was an extraordinarily difficult year for the hospitality sector. As COVID-19 swept the globe, borders and businesses were opening and closing practically overnight. As hoteliers struggled to steer their businesses through the crisis, hotel teams became ever leaner and budgets ever tighter.

In such challenging times, operations software allows hotel managers to get the most out of a smaller workforce by increasing operational efficiency and supporting multi-tasking. As staff take on new responsibilities within leaner teams, user-friendly hotel software can ease the process with checklist reminders, flexible user permissions, and direct training capabilities.

Hotel operations software also helps manage cash flow in a volatile environment, enabling you to take more proactive action. The lean times won’t last forever. With a little luck, the coming year will see hotel rooms filled with new and returning guests. As occupancy rates continue to fluctuate, your hotel will need an operations platform that can move with them. BPN Maestro is specifically designed to scale with your hotel, providing increasing specialisation as the size and complexity of your business grows.

5 – Future-proof your tech stack 

With the rise of cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service), hotel technology has entered a new era. Excessively costly upgrade cycles and integration interfaces are now a thing of the past. With a SaaS operations platform, software updates and improvements are delivered continuously without disrupting your business. And if you invest in a product with an open API, adding new technologies in the future will be quicker, easier, and far less expensive.