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“I believe that everything happens for a reason....”-- Marilyn Monroe

Bruno Fallegger, Co-Founder and CEO for BPN Solutions

Perhaps my Swiss heritage is to blame, or at least that part that gives people the impression that all inhabitants are overly precise and accurate like our watches, but out of all the tools that I worked with in my 30 years in hospitality, Checklists are my favourite.

Why? Because they work. A thoughtfully, consciously and intelligently crafted checklist, one that assists newly joined colleagues and senior staff alike in ticking off the major cornerstones of their work, ensuring that small cogs move and accomplish their tasks so that bigger cogs can build on the progress. Like so many of my peers in the hotel industry, I too believe in taking the basics of our job seriously, for if we cannot get even the basics right we cannot expect ourselves to overcome the often complex challenges the hotel management deals with.

But here is the dilemma: pen and paper checklists are no longer feasible. Moving them to excel and printing them yields little results and causes headaches when they need updating. Moving them online may work for some colleagues who do regular checks, but are then again no permanent solution for colleagues who are guest facing and dont have the time to bury their noses in yet another bright screen, ticking off boxes.

This is in simplified form the battle of hospitality. As an industry we inherited the tools of the trade from the airline industry, ranging from reservation systems to membership programmes, and much more. Innovation in hospitality, changes in the ways of working, perhaps even an industry leading system which in turn inspires other industries to innovate, none of this has occurred in the hospitality industry over the past 30 years and is unlikely to change. Today, we have some behemoths of hotel software companies that have been around since the dawn of time (think Opera PMS, or HotSOS), but again hardly any serious new contender has entered the market and looked at those giants thinking how do things better, smarter and cheaper.

Until today of course.
With BPN Maestro, I truly feel we have taken the first step forward towards breaking the cycle of non-innovation in hospitality industry. We looked at the software giants, we even used their solutions in some of our previous hotels, and the consensus always was that its too big, too complex, and even though its useful, we hardly used 20% of the software’s capabilities while still paying a 100% of the price.

With BPN Maestro we decidedly went against this trend, aiming to bring hotels the tools they need with the functionalities they really use, resulting in a no-nonsense approach towards your operations efficiency and most importantly your budget.

I have full confidence that BPN Maestro will surprise you in its simplicity, as well its value that it can add to your operation. That is my promise.


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If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.

If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.

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