Solution Gallery

1000+ hotel inspection pictures across dozens of albums, all categorized and tagged for your easy review. Explore hotels from all brands and chains online and search for specific categories to see what other hotels are doing. A separate section only for collaterals, categorized by departments, providing your marketers inspiration and insight on how other hotels are doing it.

Hotel Inspections

  • 1000+ pictures – albums for IHG, Shangri-La, Marriott, Swire, Peninsula, UrbanResorts, Six Senses, etc.
  • 100+ tags – filter just the pictures you need and see references for amenities; buffets; menus; collaterals; and more from other hotels

Hotel Collateral

  • High resolution pictures of collateral ranging from menus, promotion flyers, in-room collateral, guest letters, etc all sorted by department
  • Filter specific collateral by categories such as promotions; newsletter;, new year; brunch; lunar new year; anniversaries, etc. and reference other hotels