Housekeeping Cleaning+

BPN Maestro’s Housekeeping Cleaning+ provides hotels with a one-stop central platform to manage their daily room cleaning procedures.

Take advantage of Automated Room Assignments, PMS Integration and detailed cleaning & inspection checklist, directly on your mobile phone or desktop device. Easily manage Room Cleanings and Room Inspections, while leveraging the power of BPN Maestro’s quality tools to easily raise guest complaints, work requests or Lost & Found, all from one app.

  • Real-Time Updates – Get status updates of which rooms have started cleaning or inspection, or were flagged for any issues prior ready for sale.
  • Easy Room Assignment – Select your attendants on duty, choose how many rooms per attendant, click a button, done.
  • Escalation – Attendants clean, Supervisors inspect. In your team everyone does everything? Not an issue with our Team Assignments where everyone can do everything at every moment, from one shared app.
  • Scorecard Report – detailed staff performance and productivity reports keep you up to date on who cleaned how many rooms and how long it took them.
  • Custom Checklists – build your own checklists with supporting images, documents or videos, training your new attendants on-the-go while giving them detailed step-by-step checklists on how to clean or inspect your rooms according to standard.